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Halloween Candy Buy-Back

Stay Healthy Without Eating Those Candies!

Halloween is usually a time where kids and parents could have some family fun by dressing up in costumes, getting creative in pumpkin carving and going trick or treating.

Photo of two boys bringing candy in for the Halloween Candy Buy-BackHowever, parents often complained to me that the biggest headache had been trying to prevent their children from consuming too many candies afterwards.

As we all know, there are many drawbacks to eating candy besides the fact that one does not know what is in the bag. Too much sugar can and will make a child hyperactive and restless. All the excess sugar can hurt the child’s teeth and put on body weight as well.

Thus my staff and I will be doing a Halloween candy buy-back event.

We will buy back the candies from the child and thus reward the good child, who would not eat the candy anyway, by letting him or her turn trick or treating into a profitable and fun event! 🙂

To learn the details of the program, use our Contact Us form or call our office: Federal Way Dental Office Phone Number 253-946-9900.

Note: If you do not have a child that could participate in this program, please pass this information to someone that could benefit or announce it through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Let’s help our community to have a fun and healthy Halloween!

Have fun and stay healthy,

Van H. Vuong, DDS